Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Antique French Linens and Laces
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Victorian Lacy Corset Top, Antique Cotton, linen, hemp Nightgown, Panties, Slips and more...

Antique Wedding Tissue, Antique Large Linen Men Handkerchief monogrammed and more...

Antique buttons, antique French cotton lace and lace by the yard and more...

Antique Christening Gow, Baby bibs and bonnets and more ...

Antique Tablecloth, Shelf edging, valance, runner...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Welcome to this beautiful fashion blog : M & M Fashion Bites blog featuring my antique lingerie, linens and laces shops in free shipping SophieLadyDeParis on Etsy  and SophieLadyDeParis on Inselly
We are carrying antique white cotton, linen, hemp, lingerie, gloves, clothing, laces made of natural fabric. Most of our items are Authentic 100 years old pieces in handmade. 
All of our clothing could be worn again and last another 100 years ! They can be used as costumes in Theater Plays, Movies and so on... or simply kept as collectible at home and decorate or in Museum !
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of specific request, we will be happy to answer!

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Women Should be Carefully Gloves 
to follow the French Etiquette

Until the 60's French Women would never go out side of their house without wearing gloves. 
Day gloves were light white or beige and made of cotton or nylon. 
To go to the city or to the Church or in the evening at the opera, ladies were putting on gloves in any occasion. 
Gloves would never be removed in public without being provocative and feeling naked without them !
Nowadays gloves are a fantastic Fashion Accessory.

Please find more handmade retro French cotton lace gloves in my SophieLadyDeParis Shop :

Saturday, December 10, 2016



Welcome to my Sophie Lady De Paris Shops carrying Delicate Antique French Lace and Linens. Most of them are from late 19th Century and early 20th century.
I'm in LOVE with those antique and fine Haberdashery treasures. I've been collecting them for years. Keeping them from my grand and great-grand mothers. I keep on talking to old ladies asking for my beloved handmade antique French linens and laces.
Needle lace, bobbin lace, handmade , hand-embroidered, hand crocheted natural and delicate laces made of cotton, hemp, linen, tulle and silk.
Fantastic pieces named after their Town of origin such as Alençon, Calais, Chantilly, Cluny, Valenciennes...
Art crafted in work shops and "home" made all of them were made with love to decorate and highlight fantastic sewing projects made at home or for by fashion and costume designers!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

France was and still is a Huge Delicate Lace Producer. Handmade, hand crocheted, bobbin lace as well as mechanical. Hundreds of delicate lace treasures and true pieces of Art to be used by Fashion Designers, Home Decor Designers, Costume Designers, or for sewing projects as well as to keep as collectibles are available on my Free Shipping Shops!
Most of the Antique ones were made of cotton, linen and hemp provided by natural plants available on French territory.
So we are happy to launch a new Antique Haberdashery Sophie Lady De Paris Shop full of Victorian lace in bulk and sold by the yards as well as French linens. Payment is proceeded through Paypal.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of specific request we will be very happy to answer or a make a research for you.
The link is on our Instagram bio account here :

or  here on Inselly 

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Art Deco for Derbys?

Wearing Art Deco Style Feather Fasinators for Derbys!

Bright and feminine with a charming touch of Art Deco style Dorene , Earthlite's Designer, is creating very unique and original hats and fascinators.
Let's wear them for DERBY season!

Please here below the most famous Derby Dates round the world are :

USA Saturday May 2nd 2015
  • Kentucky  Derby, (Louisville, United States)

FRANCE Sunday may 15th 2015
  • Jockey Club Award, (Chantilly, France)

U.K Saturday 6th June 2015
  • Epsom's Derby, (Epsom,United Kingdom) 

IRELAND Sunday June 28th 2015
  • Irish Derby, (Curragh, Ireland)

                                                                        Sophie Juramy


Coming soon our next article on EARTHLITES' creations process...
Will Dorene give us a few tips???

Satin Feather Fascinator Red Purple hat.

Satin Feather Fascinator Red Purple Hat Lace Satin Rhinestones Flower Peacock Ostrich Coque

Macaw Feather Fascinator Hat Peacock Blue.

Womens Juliet Silver Sequins Hat.

Womens Juliet Silver Sequins Hat Cap